There is never a Neverland at Broadway Radiology. When asked to sponsor Centrepoint, New Zealand’s only provincial professional theatre, Broadway Radiology never said never.


It said yes, we’ll do it. For the fifth year, Broadway Radiology has agreed to help fund the theatre and its ongoing operational costs so it can continue to provide top professional standards to the people of the Manawatu.


This year Broadway Radiology has “Hooked” up with the family production of Peter Pan which opens July 7, starring David Ladderman, Lizzie Tollemache and David Fane as Captain Hook.


Broadway Radiology is locally owned and operated and, in identifying with the community, wants to support excellence through its sponsorship programme. General Manager, Duncan Scott, says Centrepoint has been around for more than 40 years and Broadway Radiology, through its sponsorship, wants to assist in securing its future. “It plays an important role in the rich fabric of the city’s cultural life and we want to help preserve the theatre and give it confidence to continue its forward planning,” he says.


Centrepoint’s Artistic Director, Dan Pengelly, says without sponsorship such as what Broadway Radiology provides, Centerpoint would not exist. “We face an ongoing challenge to secure Creative New Zealand funding and, without it, the viability of Centrepoint would be seriously under threat. Broadway Radiology’s generosity comes at an ideal time for us,” he says. “The support they’re showing provides a great example, which we hope the rest of the business community will consider following”.


Dan Pengelly explains that theatre is very labour intensive and is expensive to run so contributions from local authorities and the community are vital. He says Centrepoint aims to achieve the highest standard and, to do that, it engages the very best professional artists it can. “In turn Manawatu people experience quality productions and get to be associated with that quality and the variety of productions we present,” he says. “Broadway Radiology is a key component in the delivery of health services and knows that theatre helps to enhance a community’s wellbeing”.


Cast of Centrepoint's Peter Pan