Looking Back

We are proud of our history and as we continue to evolve, our character remains


 1950 When the Mercy Hospital was established on Grey Street, Palmerston North, Mercy Radiology was formed .  When Dr Peter Dixon, a Consultant Radiologist, came to Palmerston North from England he saw a need for an accessible diagnostic provider with a full range of equipment. 


In the early 1990s, Peter Dixon, a founding member of Broadway Radiology, partnered with Dr Lauretta Tan to run Mercy Radiology as a local private practice and when in 1998 Dr Tan retired and together, Dr Dixon and former DHB Senior Manager, Duncan Scott established Palmerston North X-ray Ltd with the financial backing of Castelreagh Radiology, an Australian Health Care Group.




looking back 1999

Palmerston North X Ray opened a comprehensive private practice called Broadway Radiology, this enabled Dr Dixon to fulfil his ambition of establishing a comprehensive ultrasound, MRI and X-Ray service for the region.  Palmerston North X-Ray Ltd (PNX), traded under the name of Broadway Radiology opening its doors at 193 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North where they resided for eighteen years.  


In October 1999 PNX established an MRI service in Palmerston North, situated on the Palmerston North Hospital site.  In November 2000 PNX achieved accreditation with International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) and in June 2008 PNX established an X-Ray and Ultrasound service in Levin, situated in the Horowhenua Health Centre.


On 31st October 2012 PNX was purchased by Dr Peter Dixon and Duncan Scott and became Broadway Radiology Limited. The ownership structure changed but all staff were transferred to the new company. All existing contracts, leases and service agreements were also transferred as was the IANZ accreditation status. In doing this, Broadway Radiology officially became locally owned and operated.  In 2015, Broadway Radiology established an X-Ray and Ultrasound service in Feilding within Feilding Health Care.


As Broadway Radiology has grown it has been able to provide employment to more specialist staff who live and contribute to the local community. Through Broadway Radiology’s service, patients are able to receive accurate and timely diagnostic information on all medical and maternity matters. Broadway Radiology’s job is to make a difference and be an integral part of maintaining the wellbeing of the community. It starts with diagnosing the health of a foetus and continues through to providing information that helps preserve the life of our elderly residents.



looking back broadway new buildIn recent years, Broadway Radiology has experienced significant growth and, as a result, outgrew the Broadway Avenue premises.  This led to Broadway Radiology returning to where it all started, the old Mercy Hospital site.  


After Broadway Radiology’s initial move from the location, to Broadway Avenue, Mercy Hospital became Aorangi Hospital and then Crest Hospital.  However, in 2015 the premises were vacated by Crest Hospital and, our new state of the art facility was built and we opened the doors to our newest premises in January 2017.


Broadway Radiology is now a significant radiology imaging practice in the central region, providing a large percentage of diagnostic services in the Manawatu and all of Horowhenua’s radiology services. In any one day across all of its locations, Broadway Radiology provides imaging services up to 250 referred patients including Maternity Ultrasound Scans, both routine and specialist, MRI Scans, CT Scans, X-Rays, Mammography's and Bone Density Scans for patients referred by GPs, Midwives, Physiotherapists and other health professionals.


Check out our About Us section for the range of radiology services we provide at our four locations, across the Manawatu and Horowhenua regions.