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Company History

Castelreagh Radiology

When Dr Peter Dixon, a Consultant Radiologist, came to Palmerston North from England he saw a need for an accessible diagnostic provider with a full range of equipment. He and Dr Lauretta Tan were partners in Mercy Radiology, a local private practice and when in 1998 Dr Tan retired, Dr Dixon, together with former DHB Senior Manager, Duncan Scott, and with the financial backing of Castelreagh Radiology, an Australian Health Care Group, established Palmerston North X Ray Ltd.

Palmerston North X Ray opened a comprehensive private practice called Broadway Radiology at 193 Broadway Avenue. This enabled Dr Dixon to fulfil his ambition of establishing a comprehensive ultrasound, MRI and X-Ray service for the region.

Sonic Healthcare

With subsequent changes in ownership, Castlereagh Radiology was merged with Hunter Imaging (a private practice based in Newcastle) to form Pacific Medical Imaging, which in turn was purchased by Sonic Healthcare Australia in January 2000.

PNX operated with the full backing of Sonic Healthcare Australia, a billion dollar corporate organisation with interests in radiology and pathology. The organisation included some of the largest private practices in Australia and New Zealand, Queensland X-Ray, SKG in Perth, Illawarra Imaging in Wollongong, the Sydney based practices of Castlereagh and Sportsmed and Hunter Imaging in Newcastle, The New Zealand Radiology Group (Mercy Radiology) based in Auckland and a Christchurch practice, Canterbury Medical Imaging.

In October 1999 PNX established a 1.5Tesla MRI service (Central MRI) in Palmerston North, situated on the Palmerston North hospital site.

In November 2000 PNX achieved accreditation with International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ).

In June 2008 PNX established a plain film service in Levin, Horowhenua X Ray, situated in the Horowhenua Health Centre.

December 2010 saw PNX acquire Progressive Medical Imaging, a plain film, visiting ultrasound and mammography (screening and diagnostic) service situated at 163 Wicksteed Street, Wanganui. This service subsequently closed in late 2012.

On 31st October 2012 PNX was purchased by Dr Peter Dixon and Duncan Scott and became Broadway Radiology Limited. The ownership structure changed but all staff were transferred to the new company. All existing contracts, leases and service agreements were also transferred as was the IANZ accreditation status.

Broadway Radiology Ltd

Broadway Radiology is now a significant imaging practice in the central region providing a great percentage of diagnostic services in Manawatu and all of Horowhenua’s radiology services. In any one day Broadway Radiology provides imaging services to up to 180 referred patients including maternity ultrasound scans, both routine and specialist, MRI scans, CT scans, plain film X-Rays for City Doctors, Crest Hospital and patients referred by GPs, midwives, physiotherapists and specialists.

Broadway Radiology now has a staff of 48FTEs (fulltime equivalents).

As Broadway Radiology has grown it has been able to provide employment to more specialist staff who live and contribute to the local community. Through Broadway Radiology’s services patients are able to receive accurate and timely diagnostic information on all medical and maternity matters. Broadway Radiology’s job is to make a difference and be an integral part of maintaining the wellbeing of the community. It starts with diagnosing the health of the foetus and continues through to providing information that helps preserve the life of our elderly residents. This is achieved by purchasing and maintaining the latest imaging and IT equipment and ensuring the staff has the qualifications and training required. Broadway Radiology is committed to bringing radiology services to the wider community. While much of the diagnostic work is carried out at the Broadway headquarters, Central MRI is based at Palmerston North Hospital and X-Ray Units are located at City Doctors and at the Horowhenua Health Centre in Levin. Broadway Radiology also has two portable ultrasound machines which resemble a large laptop. Staff take them to Horowhenua, and Feilding and the scans performed at these centres are sent electronically to Broadway Radiology for interpretation and reporting. It’s important there’s a prompt turnaround of data. The goal is to send the report from an examination to the patient’s doctor as soon as possible or to alert him or her to access it through the IT system.

With Broadway Radiology being owned and operated locally, the company can invest a portion of their annual turnover back into the community. This is achieved through sponsorship which ranges from Centrepoint Theatre through to Kapa Haka and Tu Toa’s rugby programme. Of particular importance is the financial support they have given to Relay For Life since its inception.

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We have a detailed outline of our costs which are available from this link. We are also happy to quote prices for CT and MRI scans or any other examinations not listed, upon request.

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